If you love him, please give him freedom

If you love him, please give him freedom

He said: When not together, I miss her; when I am together, I annoy her.

I didn’t ask much, I just hope she can give me a little freedom.

I hope that I can change into sportswear to play a game of football on the weekend instead of going with her to the crowded supermarkets; I hope that when I am with my friends, I can talk about mountains and smoke and drink without worry, instead of she staring at meStare, forbid me to do this, and forbid me to do that.


  ”Life is precious, love is higher.

If you are free, you can throw both!

He said that in the face of love and freedom, he ultimately chose the most precious thing in life-freedom.

  I can see that he is sad.

He said the girl was more sad than he was, and she burst into tears and said to him, “I really love you very much!


This is a poor man!

The heavy love made them both breathless.

  In fact, there are many things like this around us, and the reason is no wonder a word of “love”.

Love too deeply Love too selfishly The possessiveness is too strong, as a result, both sides feel exhausted and painful.

  If you fall in love with a bird, please give it the freedom to fly, give it the freedom to sing, give it the freedom of the blue sky and the earth; if you fall in love with someone, please give him some freedom in life and give him his precious freedomGive him the freedom to love.

  Young lovers, please don’t try to bind others with your love.

Notice that he is him after all, and you are you after all, two people, not one.

If you love him, first learn to respect him.

If you don’t respect him, how can you love him?

Give him some freedom in life, give him understanding and care, and let him feel your trust in him, then he will only appreciate you more and care for you.

  Giving him his own proprietary freedom, it is normal for lovers to have their own proprietary.

If you love each other and cherish your feelings, then respect his secrets.

The effect of this approach is better than if you do everything to find out.

He will cherish you more because of your wisdom and tolerance, and you will be happy for it.

  If you love him, please give him a little freedom, give love a little freedom.