When children experience cold violence in kindergarten!

When children experience cold violence in kindergarten!

A young mother told her: “My baby is 3 years old, and I only went to kindergarten this year. I found a teacher who has no feelings for my baby, because every time I see her talking to other baby, my baby always says that the teacherIf you do n’t talk to her, smile at other children. If you see her, you will be unhappy. When the family wants to know things clearly, when the teacher is mentioned, the doll feels scared.Dodge.

  In fact, this is “cold violence” where the child detained the people around him!

Pay attention to life. In the community, some parents report that their children say hello to the elderly living in the same community but ignore them. The child may ask what is going on?

At home, some parents are indifferent to their children. They unknowingly lead to the emergence of “cold violence” in the family, but adults do not notice it . In this issue, we focus on the phenomenon of cold violence in the collective life of children.Cold violence turning to families and children’s public venues, stay tuned!

Glossary Explanation: Cold violence Cold violence, as its name implies, is first of all a kind of violence. It means not to solve the problem through violence such as beating, but to show indifference, contempt, indulgence, alienation and indifference.Threatening violations and injuries.

Its performance range is very wide, mainly in families, work units and schools, which directly caused a lot of social tragedies. Here we discuss the issue of kindergarten teachers’ use of “cold violence” against children.

“Cold violence” is indifferent: adults ignore children and are indifferent to children.

Types of lessons: adults are high above, blindly criticizing, education becomes lessons.

Threatening: Adults criticize children with a frightening, threatening tone, such as: “If you don’t follow the discipline, I will let your mother pick you up.

“You hit another kid, hit 110, and let the police catch you .” sarcasm: Adults sneer at children who often violate discipline and scold their companions, such as: “You bad guy, why do you always hit people?”

Hit me again and get out. ”

Isolation: Adults unfairly isolate children.

For example, isolate him and keep his companions from playing with him.

Control type: Some teachers and parents are used to giving orders and closely monitoring the children’s every move, so that children absolutely obey their will and wishes.

How to tell if a child has experienced cold violence?

In the strike, did the teacher talk to the child and did he ask the child?

Have you ever alienated and neglected your children?

I found that the child did something wrong again, regardless of indiscriminate, immediately split off or threatened.

When playing games, activities or traveling, teachers and adults “hang” their children aside.

Parents bring up the teacher, and the child desperately runs away, dare not talk about the teacher.

The teacher criticized excessively, never recognized the child, and even denied the child everything.

Why is there “cold violence”?

Teacher quality issues Director Liang (Guangzhou Zhenguang Kindergarten): Our kindergarten is doing very well, and there will not be anything involving “violence” or “cold violence”. I think that if some teachers use “cold violence” to their children,It may have a lot to do with the teacher’s moral education and the quality of the teacher. The teacher’s quality is not good, and the kindergarten’s moral education is inadequate.

Director Zhu Yuan (Tianlang Kindergarten, Tianhe District, Guangzhou): This problem is a bit complicated. There are reasons for teachers. For example, some teachers are not high-quality, have low professional standards, and do not understand the psychology of children.

Second, there is pressure on parents from “cold violence”. For example, many parents are more demanding, have high demands on teachers, and do not respect the teacher, or even speak badly to the teacher. You do not respect the teacher, and the teacher lets your childHow about it?

Thirdly, the atmosphere of the kindergarten where the teacher is located is very poor, the management is inadequate, the requirements are relatively low, and the interpersonal relationships are harmonious and harmonious, so the work enthusiasm of the teacher is greatly reduced.

How does “cold violence” hurt children?

Triggering “Deep Punishment” Zeng Hongtai (Violence in kindergartens is a mental punishment for children.

If the teacher is cold-violent to the child, then the peers will follow suit and collectively isolate the child who is extremely cold-violent, thus triggering “deep punishment”.

Resisting the education of Director Peng Yuan (Zhonghai Mingdu Kindergarten in Haizhu District): If the child encounters “cold violence”, does not feel the collective warmth, has a large psychological shadow, and often has emotions, then he does not like to go to kindergarten and does not like teachers.Be sensitive and suspicious, resist parent and teacher education.

Teacher Deng in disguise in disguise (the first kindergarten in Guangzhou Development Zone): The children who are hurting are psychological, as well as physiological, and are mainly psychological. This kind of injury has a great impact on the cultivation of self-confidence.It is more hidden, and its essence is the child’s mental abuse, which is a disguised punishment for the child.

What do parents do when their children experience “cold violence”

  Maybe at home, the child tells the teacher that he always praises other children and ignores his existence. Some children even say that the teacher may ignore it. You who picked up the child may also “see” that the teacher is not enthusiastic about the child.Parents may be a bit angry, but parents should be calm and distinguish whether they are suspicious or indeed.

Mr. Zhang, whose child is studying at Baiyun Experimental Kindergarten in Baiyun District, said: “Now kindergarten management is perfect and teachers are of high quality. Where does the kindergarten have so much cold violence?

I guess that parents pay too much attention to their children, so their nerves are more sensitive. If this happens, they should go to the kindergarten to understand the truth, and don’t trust the children’s words, sometimes the children are not honest people.

“Since parents come to kindergarten to understand the truth, should they talk to the child’s teacher or the principal?

Teacher Deng of the First Kindergarten in Guangzhou Development Zone said, “Parents should not go to the leadership to report immediately as soon as they enter the kindergarten.发泄,老师不是圣人,老师也会有情绪的,弄不好,不存在‘冷暴力’的真出现了。”Teacher Cai of Xinyan Garden Kindergarten in Guangzhou believes that if there is a situation of cold violence, parents can talk directly to the teacher’s leader, but the tone of speech should be euphemistic, and the situation should be objective and polite, and not emotional.The words are thorny, and the words in the words are not helpful in solving the problem.  ”Some parents are very unreasonable, and they do bring a lot of pressure to the teachers, reflecting that the problems are not objective, and they do not respect the teachers. The teachers and the parents cannot talk to each other equally.

如果有的家长真认为幼儿园存在‘冷暴力’的情况,而且跟老师沟通都不奏效之后,对老师的答复不满意,我的看法是最好退园或者转园,换一个新环境,这或许More conducive to the growth of children.

Article by Zhu Yuan, Tianlang Kindergarten, Tianhe District, Guangzhou.

How to prevent “cold violence” in the collective?

First, strengthen kindergarten management.

  The head of the Dongshan District Rising Star Chinese and English Art Kindergarten believes that cold violence occurs in the kindergarten. “There must be a problem in management. If the teachers are of high quality and they are dedicated to their jobs, how can children be left out?

Strengthening the internal management of kindergartens is particularly important. We must attach importance to the training and education of all employees, improve their quality, make employees more caring, patient and kind, and let the children feel warm in the embrace of the large group.

Later, Director Hu told the reporter a touching story that happened in his kindergarten.

A child born with eleven fingers was rejected by other kindergartens, and later transferred to the kindergarten. He grew up under the care of his teachers and peers. “This proves that our kindergartens are caring, and the children’s physical defects are not rejected or rejected.The reason is that if the kindergarten does not strengthen the management to improve the teachers’ professional level and internal quality, how can children with physiological defects grow up healthy?

“Second, parents often communicate and communicate with kindergartens to establish good relationships and feelings.

  The head of Liwan District Arts Kindergarten believes that education is two-way, and the role of family education is no less than that of a kindergarten. Therefore, to prevent cold violence, parents must have some communication with the kindergarten. Homeland cooperation is the most ideal way.

The family is definitely better. If family education is not coordinated with kindergarten education, it will be difficult to improve the quality and ability of children. Some children are always loved at home and become “little tyrants”. They quarrel with others and teach repeatedly.Kindergartens are even worse. Teachers ca n’t do anything about it, so the so-called “cold violence” may occur. Parents need more education to do things for others.

In addition, parents should communicate and communicate with the kindergarten more often, establish good relationships and feelings, make teachers like parents, let parents feel relieved to teachers, and kill “cold violence” in the cradle.


Children need to learn some things to do with others.

  The cold violence from a child to a teacher is more or less related to their own words and deeds. A lively, well-behaved, helpful, and united child will not be ignored by the teacher, so parents need to improve their children.Comprehensive quality, some children must know how to share, be modest, cooperate, help, think of others, etc. These principles of dealing with others should teach children to let children win the teachers and peers. How can cold violence start?

  Interview Notes-For the children, please be more tolerant. In fact, to prevent cold violence in the kindergarten, it is not enough for parents to communicate with the teacher and parents to improve the quality of the child. The emergence of cold violence comes from the teacher.It is the subject, the internal cause of the problem, the external cause may be the child’s naughty or the parent misunderstanding the teacher, etc., but the external cause can only be exerted through the internal cause. If the teacher’s mentality is correct, and the child and parents are more tolerant, then the “naughty” students andParents who are “savage” will not make a lot of waves, so it is especially important for kindergartens to strengthen the training of teachers and morals and the management of employees.

As a teacher, please be more forgiving. Children are very sensitive. They are especially aware of the teacher ‘s views. One more praise and one more hope. The child is naive and lively, even naughty.What’s changed is that if the teacher pays a little more thoughts and gives the children a good childhood in kindergarten, when they grow up, they will definitely remember the teacher’s bright smile and warm words, not cold eyes and sorrow.