Why Yoga Is Heating _1

Why Yoga Is “Heating”

It is reported that hot yoga consists of 26 stretching exercises and 2 breathing methods. It also belongs to flexible exercise, which can improve the spine softness, and is especially suitable for office workers.
It directly stimulates the nervous and muscular system through some static movements of twisting and stretching and the rest time between movements, and can reduce weight.
  At the invitation of the hot yoga instructor, Mo Huiping from the Sanfang Apartment Gym Yifang Yoga Center, the reporter attended a hot yoga class to find out more about hot yoga.
1. Experience hot yoga. Before the class, the reporter complied with coach Mo’s instructions: Do not eat for 3 hours before training, and it is best to drink a large glass of water 20 minutes before the class.
  Entering the hot yoga classroom, there was a wave of heat coming up front.
Although the spacious and bright practice room is full of people who come to practice, it is very quiet. Everyone has a bottle of water and two towels by their side.
Coach Mo said, “Because the room temperature is hot, towels are used to wipe sweat, and water is used to replenish water during training.
“Class on time.
After the instructor introduced the schedule and requirements for drinking water, he began to practice posture.
The reporter started to sweat just after starting one or two moves.
During the training, each posture coach is required to repeat it.
Although Coach Mo allowed reasonable relaxation after the trainees finished each posture, the reporter still felt that the big sweat beads of soybeans were flowing down the cheeks.
  In this warmth, it seems that everyone’s flexibility has reached its optimal state, stretched and squeezed to the maximum, and let the sweat “swell out” unscrupulously. After a while, the clothes are soaked.
At this time, it seems that the pressure in the body can be discharged together with the toxins.
  As this is the first time to participate in the training of hot yoga, Coach Mo told reporters, “Beginners will sometimes have difficulty adapting to the stress of yoga and the respiratory system caused by yoga practice at this temperature, and they will have dizziness.normal.
At this time you can lie down and take a break.
“2. A coach who loses weight like hot yoga told reporters that practicing yoga can indeed reduce weight.
Yoga does this in two ways.
Some positions can stimulate loose glands to increase hormone release.
Because the thyroid gland is directly related to the body’s metabolism, it can affect weight.
Hot yoga, including shoulder standing and leaping dragon gates, is particularly suitable for adjusting the thyroid.
Fat metabolism is also increased by yoga, so fat is converted into muscle and energy.
This means that while reducing fat, you can also get better muscle texture and a higher level of vitality.
Yoga’s deep breathing exercises can increase the amount of oxygen absorbed by cells in the body, including fat cells, which increases oxidation and burns more fat cells.
  ”If you are not overweight, your weight will remain the same.
If you are underweight, you will gain weight.
The increase is healthy, solid body tissues, not fat.
In other words, yoga can create the ideal weight.
This is because yoga has the function of normalizing glandular activity.
“3. Why does yoga” heat “? Hot yoga was founded by Indians Bikram on the basis of Hatha Yoga, a branch of yoga.
  In the Hot Yoga series, Bikram retained the 26 poses of the original Hatha Yoga and arranged them scientifically.
These 26 movements are scientifically arranged in the order of pulling and heating according to the characteristics of human muscles, ligaments and tendons.
Bikram believes that if the practitioner jumps to the 15th movement without proper preparation of the relevant muscles, the result will be as unpleasant as a hasty backflip.
Therefore, you should follow the instructions of the coach when you practice, otherwise you will make mistakes.
  Hot yoga requires practitioners to be at a room temperature of 38 to 40 degrees Celsius, because Bikram believes that it is easy to be injured while practicing yoga when the body is not hot, which is like heating a piece of steel and then easily using a hammerChange it into the shape you imagine, and there is no way to change the shape of the iron without using a hammer.
  The advocates of Hot Yoga believe that this set of exercises can coordinately restore the body to a balanced state within 90 minutes, so that the whole body can be exercised.
It can systematically deliver 100% of oxygen-filled fresh blood to all parts of the body, allowing them to return to a healthy, natural working state.
  In addition to weight loss, hot yoga has a therapeutic effect on insomnia, migraine headaches, low back pain, cervical spondylosis, and gastrointestinal diseases.At the same time, yoga practitioners can reduce facial wrinkles, make people feel younger, live longer, and can increase disease resistance, improve vision and hearing, weight loss, mental and emotional health, and sharper intuition.

4. People who are practicing hot yoga for heart disease should be cautious. The main principle of yoga nutrition is to consume less and eat high-quality food.

Yoga practitioners recommend eating a lot of fruits, vegetables, whole shells and raw nuts. Because of their vitality, meat must be eaten less or not eaten at all; you can also eat fresh and raw foods, not too hot or coldthing.

Alcohol is considered to be detrimental to health and hinder yoga progress.

  Mo Huiping suggested that during the training, you breathe through your nose: nose hair can filter dirty air and harmful bacteria, and can also stabilize your nerves and make your body healthier.

Do not eat for an hour before or after practicing yoga: keep fasting.

Grasping the slow process of body posture and the feeling of body movement is more important than completing posture.

The number of breaths you can take to complete the posture is limited to your physical fitness.

Beginners can keep the number of breaths 3-5 times, and then increase the number slowly.

As long as you practice yoga persistently and do your best, you can achieve results.

At the same time, law enforcement officials should be reminded that high temperatures can cause discomfort.