[Can pregnant women eat green peas_Can pregnant women eat green peas]

[Can pregnant women eat green peas_Can pregnant women eat green peas]

Soy products are rich in nutrients. I believe everyone knows this, and soy products also include a variety of types, including soybeans, black beans, and mung beans, but today we are talking about green peas., And so-called soy products are two different things.

Green peas are rich in nutrition, but can pregnant women eat green peas_Can pregnant women eat green peas?

Of course pregnant women can eat and it is very beneficial.

Pregnant women can eat peas.

Seeds of the legume pea.

Also known as Bidou, Male, Green Bean, Cold Bean, Snow Bean, Wheat Bean.

Colored white granules are large and sisal granules are small, the former is better.

It is widely cultivated throughout China.

Harvest fresh or mature pods in summer, remove pod shells, and use them fresh or dried.

The nutritional value of peas is very high, and it is good for pregnant women to eat properly.

1. Peas are rich in dietary fiber, which can promote digestion, detoxify and clear the stomach, and relieve constipation in pregnant women.

In addition, ascorbic acid, gibberellin, and lectin in peas also have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, which can promote human metabolism.

Pea also contains enzymes that can break down nitrosamines in the body, so peas also have anti-cancer effects.

2. The mineral elements in peas are very rich, which helps the growth and development of vitamins and improves the immunity of vitamins.

In addition, the niacin component in peas can promote plasma brain development.

The practice of eating peas in pregnant women Pea is a kind of food people love, and there are many ways to do it, and pregnant women can also eat it.

The colorful fried peas are bright in color, which is conducive to promoting appetite.

And peas are rich in protein and are good vegetables.

Pea attends complications such as athlete’s foot, bloatedness, dyslactation, spleen and stomach discomfort, hiccups, bloating, thirst and diarrhea, etc. Pea beans have a certain therapeutic effect.

Preparation materials: Dutch beans, carrots, cucumbers, dried tofu, mushrooms, bell peppers, salt, sesame oil, starch and starch.

Practice: 1, soak mushrooms.

2. Diced shiitake mushrooms.

3. Cut cucumbers and carrots into small dices.

4. Prepare the peas.

5. Cut the bell peppers into small dices.

6, pour a small pot of boiling water, pour the peas for a minute and remove.

Heat the pan with oil, stir-fry the carrots and shiitake mushrooms, pour some mushroom water, and simmer for 2 minutes.

7. Afterwards, pour in the peas, diced cucumber, diced bell pepper and diced tofu, and stir in some salt.

8. Pour a small amount of water starch, wait until the soup is concentrated, and add a few sesame oil.

Cooking tips: The mushrooms need to be sautéed with oil to taste good. Adding sugar when foaming can ensure and enhance the flavor of the mushrooms.

Pea pea soup is a very common legume food. Pea is rich in protein and nutrient-rich, and along with crude fiber, it can promote large intestine peristalsis, maintain smooth stool, and can clean the large intestine. It is often eaten for childrenGrowth and development are very ethical.

Prepare ingredients: 200 grams of fresh peas after peeling, 50 grams of milk, salt content, light cream amount 1, wash the peas.

2. Put the peas into the soup pot, add three bowls of water, and boil for 10 minutes.

Remove the pea’s bladder after it’s a little cooler to dry (there is no shortcut, you have to peel them one by one, but the cooked peas are well peeled).

3. Put the cooked peas into the blender with the water of the beans just cooked.

4, beaten into mud after taking.

5. Pour the pea puree back into the soup pot, add milk, add a little salt, and stir while cooking.

When the thick soup is boiling, you can turn off the heat immediately.Finally, it can be decorated with cream.