Simple Diet Therapy Helps Men With White Hair

Simple Diet Therapy Helps Men With White Hair

Dr. Hu Dongliu, Department of Dermatology, Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that the treatment of white hair is very difficult. There is basically no good way for juvenile whiteheads caused by genetic causes. Some non-hereditary early white hairs, pay attention to diet conditioning, relax, and use appropriately.Chinese herbal medicine still has a certain effect.

  The following diets are better for implanting white hair.


Platycladus orientalis mulberry paste: 50g of Platycladus orientalis leaves, 200g of mulberry leaves, 50g of honey.

After steaming the leaves of Platycladus orientalis for 20 minutes, remove the residue, add mulberry, and fry it gently. After half an hour, remove the residue and add honey to make a paste.


Mulberry hair cream: 200g of mulberry, 150g of Polygonum multiflorum, 300g of Rehmannia glutinosa, appropriate amount of honey. Mulberry, Polygonum multiflorum, Fry 3 times in boiling water.


Wolfberry sea cucumber: 300g sea cucumber, 15g wolfberry, 10g mulberry.

First cut the sea cucumber, stir-fry with hot oil and seasoning. After the soup is boiled, simmer on low heat. When hot, add steamed wolfberry, mulberry, and starch juice.


Red jujube and wolfberry pot eggs: 10 jujubes, 30g wolfberry, 2 eggs, fry with water, cook the shells for a few minutes after the eggs are cooked, and eat the egg soup.


Pig kidney and walnut soup: 1 pair of pig kidney, 30g Eucommia ulmoides, 15g Shayuan tribulus terrestris, 30g walnut meat, add the above three medicines and pig kidneys with an appropriate amount of water, cook for 30 minutes on a high fire, and stew until the pork kidneys are cooked.
Eat pork kidney and walnut meat, drink soup.

1 dose daily with 7 servings?

Treatment of gray hair caused by kidney yin deficiency, dizziness and forgetfulness, softness of waist and knees, tinnitus and deafness, five upset fever, insomnia and more dreams, less tongue fur, and pulse count.


Black Bean Sydney Soup: 30g Black Bean, Sydney 1?

Slice the pears, add an appropriate amount of water and black beans to the boil in the pot and simmer, then simmer for a while until cooked.

Eat pear and drink soup.

15 times twice daily?
30 days.

Treats those who suffer from pulmonary yin disease, whose hair is weak, pale, fatigued and cold.