Work too tight, be careful, be sad


Work too tight, be careful, be sad

Urban white-collar workers should adjust their own work intensity to prevent heart damage. Recently, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital, Vice President of Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital, Director of Cardiovascular Specialties, Professor Wang Jingfeng, Chairman of the Guangdong Medical Association Pacing and Electrophysiology Branch, was co-organized by Guangzhou Daily and Dayang.The head of the health director’s live broadcast room, and exchanges with netizens.

From criminal prevention to precautions after installing a pacemaker, how to choose cooking oil. He screamed one by one.

銆€銆€Sympathetic nerves are too excited: it is easy to overburden the heart. Professor Wang Jingfeng said that cardiovascular can be divided into two situations from the genetic point of view. “One is genetic heart disease, and arrhythmia occurs. These patients are easy to be young.Sudden death, usually caused by heredity; another kind of hypertension, although it belongs to non-hereditary heart disease, but also has genetic factors involved.”

He pointed out that if parents have high blood pressure, then the child is 2-4 times more likely to have high blood pressure; both parents have high blood pressure, and the child’s chance of getting sick increases by 6-8 times.

銆€銆€鈥淭he often high levels of stress can cause heart injuries, and urban white-collar workers should adjust their work intensity to prevent heart damage.

“Wang Jingfeng said that too much work to accelerate high-pressure tension will continue to irritate the sympathetic nerves.

銆€銆€鈥淭he sympathetic system can cause excitement, and the parasympathy brings slow heartbeat, and balance is best for the human body.

If you are always in a state of high tension, the sympathetic nerves are too excited, which can cause a heavy burden on the heart.

In the long run, the heart may be injured.

“Sustainable sleep Wang Jingfeng said that there are many factors that affect the occurrence of heart disease. Prevention of heart disease should start from regular rest and sleep every day, and its protective effect on the heart is indispensable.

In addition, long-term fatigue should be avoided, because heart disease can easily occur under overwork.

The peace of mind is calm, and it can be effective against sudden heart attacks.

銆€銆€Eating habits are also very important. Light diet, eating more fruits and vegetables, avoiding salty and sweet, and restraining the animal’s internal organs in a controlled manner can help protect your heart.

銆€銆€Middle-aged men, post-menopausal women: should be alert and confusing Wang Jingfeng said that part of sudden cardiac death is caused by myocardial infarction, a considerable number of people will have signs before myocardial infarction, but some people have no signs.

銆€銆€”For high-risk groups, some patients with a family history of hypertension, high blood pressure, and diabetes are required to pay special attention. If there is recurrent heartache, nausea, palpitation, or feeling tired, they should be alert to the heart.It is best to go to the hospital for investigation and intervention.

“He said.

銆€銆€Wang Jingfeng reminded that middle-aged men and post-menopausal women, if the above symptoms appear, also recommend specialist examinations, because these two groups of people are also a high-risk group of deaths and deaths.

“Smoking is also a high-risk factor. If the above population wants to prevent coronary heart disease and sudden death, it is best to quit smoking.

“Installing a pacemaker: Don’t put your phone in your pocket. Wang Jingfeng said that the invention of artificial heart pacemakers brings good news to heart patients.

Patients with slow heartbeat or sudden heartbeat need to install pacemakers to save lives and improve quality of life.

Now the technology is very mature, just implant a pacemaker as long as 20?
In 30 minutes, the patient can be discharged after one week, and the activity is generally unrestricted.

銆€銆€鈥淎 lot of patients have asked me what should I pay attention to when implanting a pacemaker?
鈥?Is there any impact on airport security?

In fact, it has no effect.

At present, patients who have only installed a pacemaker for an expert should not perform a magnetic resonance examination because there is also a magnetic disk inside the pacemaker. If a diagnostic test may damage the pacemaker function, do not enter the high-voltage room.

He focused on the fact that patients with pacemakers should not put their phones in their jacket pockets, or they may have a slight impact.

銆€銆€Wang Jingfeng said that after installing a pacemaker, it is best to just implant 3?
Review once every 4 months, followed by routine 3-6 months follow-up.

“There was a patient who had been on the pacemaker for 12 years and never went back to the hospital. Later, he called to say that his heartbeat was very slow. I said that your pacemaker battery has run out and must be replaced immediately.

He promised to come over on Monday. He didn’t receive a call from him on Monday. I only learned when I hit it. Because the battery was dead, he never woke up after the weekend.

Wang Jingfeng said that the average life span of pacemakers is currently 6-8 years. If the parameters are regularly tracked and the parameters are adjusted reasonably, many pacemakers can be used for more than 10 years. A patient in this hospital has been using it for 18 years.

銆€銆€Netizen asks: Why do you have high blood pressure in regular exercise?

銆€銆€Netizen: I am 28 years old, with a height of 186CM and a weight of 80KG. I often play basketball and other sports. The diet is also balanced and my work is normal. But why do I have a little high blood pressure?

Is it related to family inheritance?

銆€銆€Wang Jingfeng: If parents also have high blood pressure, there may be a relationship between them. For patients with hypertension under the age of 45, we must first ask if there is a family history.

The real positive intervention is mainly the acquired factors. Some of the netizens who like to talk about sports are very good, and I have just said that the low-salt diet is very good for controlling high blood pressure. In the diet, you can also choose bananas and oranges., black fungus and other foods.

Controlling high blood pressure is not difficult, and there are many drug choices. The key is to monitor the position.
銆€銆€Netizen: Is it necessary for middle-aged and elderly people to take aspirin daily? Is there a substitute?

銆€銆€Wang Jingfeng: There is no need for everyone to eat, but high-risk patients, some patients diagnosed with coronary heart disease, let go of the stent, and patients with cerebral acid, should take aspirin for effective prevention.
The latest research shows that for non-high-risk groups, one group gives aspirin, one group does not give aspirin, and the biggest substitute for aspirin is bleeding in the digestive tract. We also do not say that all the elderly groups do have high-risk factors that take aspirin.There is no need for it.

銆€銆€Netizen: The cardiovascular incidence in the Mediterranean region is very low. Nutritionists believe that this has something to do with their diet. They often eat olive oil. Can we use similar eating habits? What should we pay attention to when we replace olive oil?

銆€銆€Wang Jingfeng: Dietary habits are very related to the onset of high blood pressure. Among the edible oils, olive oil is indeed a very good one because it contains the lowest saturated fatty acids.

Among vegetable oils, Cantonese people prefer to eat peanut oil. In fact, peanut oil is not very healthy, while olive oil, blending oil, soybean oil, rapeseed oil and sesame oil are better than peanut oil.

In addition, olive oil does have a role in reducing the incidence of hypertension, but the current overall olive oil production is very low, expensive, and is a high-end product in the mass consumer sector.

銆€銆€Netizen: Is skim milk good for coronary heart disease?

銆€銆€Wang Jingfeng: If there is coronary heart disease in the body, generally drink skim milk, patients with coronary heart disease should be treated with lipid-lowering therapy. If you take a lot of sputum, it will definitely have a bad effect.