[How to open coconut fruit]_Open method_Method

[How to open coconut fruit]_Open method_Method

China is vast, spanning temperate, subtropical, and tropical regions.

Therefore, there have been temperate fruits and tropical fruits.

There are many types of tropical fruits, including bananas, mangoes, coconuts, and dragon fruit.

Tropical fruit sales are among the best in the world.

Coconut is made from coconut.

Coconut has the effect of relieving heat and clearing heat, but we all know that coconut shell is very hard, so how to open the coconut.

: Before coconut, pour out coconut juice: 1. Place the leaves on a flat chopping board.

2. Find the door of the leaf-there are three soft eyes on one side of the leaf.

It can be drilled with a Phillips screwdriver.

If that doesn’t work, take a hammer and a long nail and make a hole in these eyes. 100how tip: make sure the coconut doesn’t slip or you might hurt yourself.

3. Pour the coconut juice out of the opening into the bowl. This can be used for drinking or cooking.

Method to open the coconut: Method one to open the coconut: Double-tap the knife 1. Hold the coconut in the palm and place it on a bowl.

: The remaining coconut juice in the future will flow into the bowl.

2. Pay attention to the natural gap between the three eyes on the surface of the leaves, aim at the “equator” of these leaves, and use a blunt edge of a heavier knife to strike hard. Turn the coconut by hand while knocking, and let the knifeYou can beat in circles.

3. Beat constantly until the coconut is completely separated.

As long as the tap is accurate, after a few laps, the coconut will be connected in two halves.

Coconut opening method two: Ape-Man Dafa 1. If you do n’t have a heavy knife, hold the leaf and smash it to a harder place-such as a step or some place to insert it. The smashing position is still on the leaf’s natural “equator”.

2, just like the ape-man before the invention of the stone tool, so smashing and smashing, and finally, the ape-man grinned, and the coconut broke the shell.

Method three for opening the coconut: Hammer method 1. From the coconut’s eyes, use a screw cone to pierce it, and then pour out the coconut juice.

2. Then put the coconut in a plastic bag, put it on the floor, and hit it with a heavy hammer.

3. Although it is not the hammer of the thunder god, it can also be attacked.

The easiest way to open coconut shell and eat coconut meat: 1. The first thing to do is to pull out the stubble on the coconut surface and clean it up; 2. Then use some tools to help, it is best to choose some with small tips3, find the front and back sides of the coconut, there are three small dots on the top, there is a small tip on the reverse side; 4, find the coconut dots, and then use a small pointed tool to gently poke toIf you can see the coconut, just poke it with a straw.

How to choose delicious coconuts The simplest way to judge the tenderness and oldness of coconuts is as follows: 1. Shake, when you shake, you hear 99% of the sound is old.

Note: sometimes sold in the supermarket for a long time, the moisture inside will also evaporate, so it will also ring.

2. Look at the tail. Look at the tail of the Samsung (think the Mercedes logo). White is considered tender, and brown is old!

Note: All the medicines sold in the supermarket have been used for medicine, and sometimes the black ones are white for him!

3, weight: Take a few picks and compare the weight, the general focus is tender!