Open a new realm of health!


This spa in Fuzhou can actually do pedicure while watching movies!

Open a new realm of health!
This spa in Fuzhou can actually do pedicure while watching movies!

Nowadays, health care is no longer a patent for middle-aged people. Young people have joined the ranks of health care, and everyone’s meeting places have changed from the original KTV and nightclubs to various health clubs.

In many people’s impressions, the health club is an old-fashioned, old-fashioned synonym, and it has always been rejected, but the spa that the director will introduce to you today will refresh your perception!

The Yuejing SPA is located in the bustling Dongjiekou, which means quite quiet.

If it is the first time, you will ask yourself: Is this really a spa?

Compared to the SPA, the card thinks it is more like a high-end design studio or a very stylish restaurant.

Compared with the traditional health museum, the decoration of the leisure home is simply a clear stream, and the combination of modern simplicity and pastoral style creates the decoration style that is the most unlike the SPA.

Each room in the Leisure Home has a different theme, and the fragrance of each room is different.

You can even relax by yourself, or you can call a friend of three or five to come here to have a health care?
Through the combination of light and shadow, Youjing Home has created a relaxed and healthy way of keeping health.

(Theme: Mediterranean) Next, the card leader will introduce the viewing room of the leisurely home for everyone!

There is a Buse sound screen inside the movie room, where you can enjoy a pedicure while watching a big movie!

It is an imperial enjoyment!

Seeing such a great environment, the card leader and the little friend have been unable to hold their excitement and are ready to start a new health journey here!

After you get into the pedicure movie experience, what you need to do is to lie down comfortably, choose a favorite movie, and wait for an unprecedented pedicure experience.

|1: Soaking feet + shoulder and neck massage | Then, you can enjoy the massage of the technician while you are soaking your feet, relax and relieve your sedentary and overworked neck and neck pain.

The long-term partner is sleeping comfortably?
|2: Reflexology | After 15 minutes, the “Heavy Head” – foot massage, the body’s every organ on the foot reflection area, foot massage to promote blood circulation and metabolism, but also relax while relaxingTo relieve mental stress.

|3: Knocking the legs | Finally, the technician will pull out two small hammers to strike the soles and calves, so that the legs are completely relaxed.

Ecstasy Organic Coconut Oil SPA |1: Appease the massage | At the beginning, the masseur will gently tap the tail to let your whole body relax and eliminate your tiredness.

|2: Pushing oil|The masseur will use natural organic coconut oil to massage with a Western-style SPA technique. During this time, you will feel that every bone and muscle in your body becomes soft and the body becomes light and fluffy.
|3: Massage the head | The last step is the head massage. The masseur will focus on the massage of the key points, completely letting you relax.

After a two-hour experience, the card leader and the little friend felt an unprecedented relaxation, and the body was light as if to float?
Subverting the inherent mode of the traditional industry, the concept of “providing customers with a relaxed environment”, using online and offline Internet business model, adhere to “no sales, no other hidden consumption”, to create a relaxed and pleasantThe service experience has accumulated countless good reputations.

It’s better to have a family and friends come to the leisure home to be a spa, so that all the stress and troubles will disappear.