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Precisely hydrates skin all day

Climate change at the turn of the season, dry wind can cause discomfort to your skin.

In the morning, you can feel the skin is a little tight. When you come home from work at night, you will find that small water scars are visible.

It can be said that the season for truly hydrating the skin has arrived!

  Speaking of hydration, the three most dehydrating moments of our skin during the day: 6 am; 3 pm; 9 pm.

From the graph of skin moisture content, these three time periods are the lowest moments of skin moisture, and of course, the best moments of hydration.

Then let’s analyze why the skin is dehydrated in these three moments, and how can we accurately hydrate the skin.

  Why the skin is dehydrated at 6 am In fact, our skin is losing moisture every moment, silent and hard to detect.

And often when you get up in the morning, you will find that the skin is a little tight, and people with oily skin even feel that their limbs are even oilier, and these are all signs of skin dehydration.

Because the night is the most vigorous period of cell growth and repair, cell regeneration or metabolism needs to consume water in the body and in the skin.

For people with oily skin, in order to achieve water-oil balance, the skin will secrete more oil to balance the lack of water in the skin.

Also, one night, the warm environment constantly evaporates the moisture on the skin surface.

This is when you wake up in the winter morning and you even feel thirsty, you will feel that your skin is dry.

  How to moisturize and moisturize toner and moisturizing lotion after washing your face in the morning, it is best to take a little more moisturizing essence before lotion.

Of course, during the day, you must drink plenty of water to replenish your body and skin.

I would also like to say here that if you have dry skin or feel that your skin is particularly dry, you need to use a cream instead of a lotion. The cream contains more oil, and even dry or very dry skin is dehydrated or oily.

In addition, simple hydration does not necessarily achieve a moisturizing effect. Only oil can lock moisture and achieve a moisturizing effect.

  Why the skin is dehydrated at 3 pm For most of the day, it is working or living in a dehydrated indoor environment. The temperature increases and the water evaporates more quickly. By 3 pm, the skin is dehydrated.

Especially from 1 pm to 3 pm: blood pressure and hormone secretion decrease, the body gradually develops a sense of burnout, and small fine lines are easy to appear on the skin.

  How to moisturize and moisturize It is best to prepare a basic moisturizing skin care product in the office. When the skin feels dry in the afternoon, wash it off, or use a wet towel to remove the skin dust, take a moisturizing toner, and apply a moisturizing lotion or cream.Save the morning moisturizing essence.

If you work late or overtime at night, it is necessary to make this “moisturizing meal”.

Of course, if a small electronic humidifier is placed nearby, it is often better to replenish the moisture in the air.

Finally, we must remind everyone to drink plenty of water, after all, the deep skin moisture must be replenished by drinking water.

  Why the skin is dehydrated at 9 pm No doubt, in the dry season, before going to bed at night, it is the time when the skin is most tired and dehydrated, all the small dry lines, small fine lines, and dehydrated lines all over the bodyShow up.

At this time, the skin’s immunity is also the lowest, the resistance to external stimuli is relatively weak, and allergic reactions are prone to occur.

  How to moisturize and wash your face carefully. If you apply makeup during the day, you must first remove your makeup and then wash your face.

After that, we should seriously do the homework of moisturizing.

You can apply a moisturizing mask, if you feel the skin is very dry, you can apply toner and apply moisturizing essence before the moisturizing mask, this effect is better.

After the mask, you can massage the skin to accelerate blood circulation and metabolism, and then absorb the cream with the best moisturizing effect.

We may all know that the effect of skin’s absorption of nutrients is the best at night, so care at night must be done carefully, use as much as possible, so that the skin absorbs nutrients and moisture.

  There are 0 every day.

5 liters of water are lost from the skin surface. 70% of our body is water, and the accumulation of the outermost stratum corneum is usually only 15%.

In particular, the body gets 0 every day.

5 liters of water is lost from the skin surface, and may reach 0 in autumn and winter or in a dry and windy environment.

1 Litre.

  Day one.

5 liters of water to keep the body running. We only have 8 glasses of water a day, so 1.

About 5 liters of water can reach the standard required for maintaining a normal body.
  Water can regulate the secretion of hormones in the body. If you are in a dry and dehydrated environment, more stress hormones will be released in the body at this time, which will make the acne situation worse. At this time, water can help regulate the hormones in the body and balance the body functions.Drinking plenty of water can alleviate sudden acne.