[How to eat Jerusalem artichoke leaves?

】 _How to eat_How to eat

[How to eat Jerusalem artichoke leaves?
】 _How to eat_How to eat

People usually eat yam, but few people eat yam leaves. In fact, yam leaves can be eaten as ordinary vegetables. In summer, they can clear heat and detox. Eating yam leaves can enhance immunity.In addition, it also has the effect of preventing anemia, especially the leaves of Jerusalem artichoke vines are very good vegetables for the majority of people with high blood pressure. So how should the leaves of Jerusalem artichoke vines be eaten?

How to eat Jerusalem artichoke leaves?
Everyone knows that roasted sweet potatoes are delicious, and it is also commonly used by some people. In fact, most of the sweet potatoes are edible. From stems and leaves to fruits, don’t look at its beautiful appearance. The whole body is baby.

Sweet potato has the functions of anti-cancer, protecting the heart, preventing emphysema, diabetes, weight loss, etc., and is called “longevity food”.

The study of sweet potato leaves found that it has the ability to enhance immunity, improve the body’s resistance to disease, promote metabolism, delay aging, lower blood sugar, facilitate urine, raise platelets, stop bleeding, prevent arteriosclerosis, prevent cell canceration, promote detoxification and protect vision, Prevent night blindness and other functions.

Eating more sweet potato leaves is great for your body, so in this experience, I will share a sweet potato leaf practice with you, I hope everyone likes it.

If you do n’t have a home, you can consider getting a branch to breed on your own.

All of a sudden can grow.

Cut off the most delicate young leaves of the sweet potato vine.

When you get old, the taste is not so good.

Because you plant it yourself, you do n’t have to worry about excessive fertilizers or pesticides.

(If you do n’t plant it yourself, some small vegetable markets in some cities also sell this).

Let it soak in water for about ten minutes, pick out some old leaves, and smash the leaves into pieces.

Drain after washing.

Eat the fresh sweet potato leaves as soon as possible, because after a long time, the water is evaporated and the leaves are not so delicious.

You can also put the leaf in first, and then feel that the two processes will damage its nutritional content.

Prepare the garlic. If you like pepper, you can add a little red pepper.

Because I usually do n’t dare to eat too spicy, I add a little green pepper to increase the taste.

Ginger can be added or not.

Wash them all and prepare for use.

Wash the pan, pour the cooking oil, and when the oil temperature rises, it looks like a little shallow oil fume, and you can throw in garlic and other ingredients.

Add a small amount of salt. If you don’t like salt first, you can also add salt after cooking.

There are no strict standards.

Don’t fire too much.

Because the most healthy way of eating is not to stir-fry, it will easily lead to the loss of vitamin content and nutrients in the dish.

After the garlic is cooked, slightly increase the heat and throw the washed sweet potato leaves into the pan and stir fry.

Don’t fry too many times.

It only takes a short two or three minutes. The sweet potato leaves in the pot have shrunk to a piece. If you don’t like adding salt first, you can add salt at this time.

Taste it and add a little sugar.

But don’t add too much other seasonings to ensure its original flavor.

At this time you can serve on the plate.

A simple and nutritious vegetable is made.

How does it taste?

I know after eating it, it’s a bit like the condiment, but it feels softer and softer than the condiment. The taste is really good.

If you do n’t grow enough at home to make a plate, you can also use it as a green vegetable for cooking noodles for breakfast.

The taste is also amazing.Maybe try it.

I believe that the cooking level must be better, and it can cook more natural and pure taste and taste.