You can also take advantage of democracy exercises at work

You can also take advantage of democracy exercises at work

When you wait for the bus, you can use your hands on your hips, lift one foot, and stand upright for a while.

If you feel embarrassed to do it, you can also stretch your neck and pull your waist while watching the car coming.

  After getting on the bus, “waiting for the plane” and got on the bus. If space permits, you can use one hand to hold the pull ring, lift the heel, and keep it until the legs feel sour.

If the car is really crowded, you can still hang one hand naturally, stretch out five fingers, and try to stretch it towards the back of the hand for about 10 seconds.

  Climbing the stairs in the office building to exercise the strength of the lower limbs.

You only need to step up two steps in one step. If you want to exercise your fast response ability, you can run up one level at a time. This method can also train your eyes and feet to cooperate.

  If you are not far away, you can go to work by bicycle.

Don’t bow down while riding to protect your spine.

Also pay attention to mouth and nose and hand protection.

  There is no need to do relaxation exercise before entering the office. At the same time, you can also think about the things you need to deal with at work, which is more conducive to entering the work state.