Watch out for the luxury of Chinese medicine

Watch out for the luxury of Chinese medicine

When it comes to luxury goods, people may immediately think of Hermès, Louis XIII, Patek Philippe, Rolls Royce and other famous clothing, famous wines, watches, and famous cars, but how can you not associate luxury goods with traditional Chinese medicines that have got scum?However, in the most recent period, the market saw the emergence of a gelatin block of 1380 yuan / kg, Cordyceps sinensis, which is more expensive than gold, and a 70% increase in the price of An Gong Niuhuang Pill.”The title may make you have a new understanding of the traditional medicine of the motherland and the traditional Chinese medicine of natural and rustic image: the original Chinese medicine can really become a luxury product!

  Different from the general concept of luxury goods, Chinese medicine becomes a luxury product that always affects the common people’s nerves.

You ca n’t afford other luxury goods. You ca n’t buy them. If the price goes up, there is no relationship with ordinary people. But traditional Chinese medicine is different. In people ‘s concept, it ‘s used to cure diseases and save lives.One day I really need it but I can’t afford it, that is the greatest sadness in my life.

  In order to maximize the benefits, Chinese medicine companies have repackaged some “precious” Chinese medicines, re-created them, and even made them into luxury goods. This is a commercial practice, and it is not understandable, but if this trend begins, Chinese medicines are expected to increase prices.Then we ordinary people can’t stand it.

  Fortunately, as not every bag can become LV, not all Chinese medicine can become a luxury product.

  According to the analysis of relevant persons, the phenomenon of luxury Chinese medicine only exists in some products, mainly including some Chinese medicine varieties with unique efficacy and output. At present, Chinese medicine only involves the luxury of precious medicines such as health care and health care, especially Ejiao.Natural ganoderma, rhinoceros horn powder, Northeast snow clam, Cordyceps and other valuable medicinal materials, some of which have already surpassed gold, so it is no exaggeration to call them luxury products.

  However, some Chinese medicine companies do not recognize the “luxury” theory.

For example, the relevant person in charge of Pianzaiyu once said that the so-called “Moutai in medicine” is only an evaluation of investors by us. We have never used luxury goods as our starting point, but have started with treating the disease and saving people.

Pien Tze Huang is a relatively high cost medicine, because it uses some valuable raw materials, so the price is relatively high.

But not because of the high price, we are saying that we are taking the luxury line. It should be said that Pianzaiyu, Angong Niuhuang Wan, etc. represent the return of the value of excellent traditional Chinese medicine culture.

  It sounds pretty good. You do n’t consider yourself a luxury, but the price is on par with luxury. Is the price of Chinese medicine rising to the sky to reflect the return of Chinese medicine?

In fact, the cultural value of traditional Chinese medicine lies in treating illnesses, saving lives, and even giving medicines, rather than packaging them into rare treasures and even becoming a symbol of wealth.

  Unlike Pien Tsai Yeung, Dong-E-E-Jiao did not say anything about “reconstruction of value.” The company’s responsible person has clearly expressed its intention to fully explore the value of E-Jiao, and has publicly declared that Dong-E-E-Jiao will rise to a maximum of 6,000 yuan.Pound, shoulder to shoulder with the famous luxury LV.

Of course, companies are willing to soar prices, but have you ever thought about the feelings of ordinary people?


  In the current environment of China’s medical reform and expansion, the “universal medical insurance” has been implemented to reduce the price of medicines, and gradually resolve the difficulties of expensive and expensive medical treatment, benefiting more people.

The “luxurization” of Chinese medicine is incompatible with the whole environment.

The development trend of Chinese medicine, like all medicines, should return to the essential efficacy, safety and practicality of medicines. This is the meaning and true meaning of the existence of traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years.