How to do six kinds of yoga in the body toxins


How to do six kinds of yoga in the body toxins

Six-style yoga clears the body’s toxins and enjoys health. So how should our detoxification yoga be carried out?

Should we pay attention to certain aspects when practicing?

Let’s take a look at it with everyone!

Bimodal action steps: squat, the calf lay flat on the ground, and the feet are facing the sky.

The thigh and the main shaft are in a straight line.

Inhale and put your hands over the pelvis.

Exhale, slowly bend back, put your right hand on the right heel, put your fingers back, and put your left hand on the left heel in the same way.

Relax our body, take a deep breath, slowly raise your head, straighten our lumbar vertebrae, keep this position for about 25 seconds, then, restore the action, yoga breathing three to five times.

Cat contraction action steps: After the calf and the thigh are 90 degrees down, the upper front arch is parallel to the ground, the hands are vertical enough on the ground, and the latter hand is lifted and stretched straight, shoulder height.

Inhale, try to lift your head up and straighten your spine.

Try to fully expand the abdomen, add enough air to the lungs, hold your breath for 6 seconds.

Exhale, bow (not too low), arch your body up, wedge the spine, hold for 6 seconds.

Reverse elbow action steps: Kneeling position, the main point is: keep our lumbar vertebrae straight, put the double back gently on my body side, eyes look ahead, relax the whole body.

Inhale, put your hands and fingers together, and put them behind the back.

Exhale, the body bends forward and the abdomen closes the thigh until the forehead is placed on the ground.

Keep breathing naturally, keep the posture for about 15 seconds, return to step 1 after the completion, and repeat 2 to 3 times.

Hand-lifting action steps: The feet are combined to expand, or the half-foot is separated, and the hands are crossed in front of the body to relax the whole body.

Inhale for 3 seconds and raise your arms over your head to keep your hands crossed.

Head slightly back, look up at the hand, stop for 6 seconds.

Do not ask for a breath.

Start the United Nations with the same height and stop for 6 seconds.

Inhale for 3 seconds to resume the posture of the hands crossed over and stop for 3 seconds.

Exhale for 3 seconds and put your arm back to the starting position.

Repeat 5 times.

Vertical flat lifting action steps: the body is upright, the knee joint is slightly curved, the legs are separated from the shoulder width, each hand takes a small dumbbell (or a bottle of mineral water), and the two arms alternately perform the forward flat movement, repeating 8-10 times, do 3 groups every day.

Action essentials, always keep the knees slightly curved during the movement, while abdomen, chest, exhale when the arm is raised, inhale when put down.

Simple forward bending action steps: sitting with your legs crossed and the upper body leaning forward – this position is also easy for people who have not practiced yoga, and is very suitable for practicing before going to bed.

This position shrinks the thighs and buttocks and relaxes the entire body.