Bitter melon green weight loss method

Bitter melon green weight loss method

Bitter gourd is to be eaten to achieve the effect of slimming, and only two or three can be eaten a day.

Because bitter gourd contains a lot of clear fat, this is very well-founded.

Friends who want to lose weight do not try to try!

Bitter melon is very bitter, but for the purpose of slimming, try it together!

Good quality and cheap!

According to the following: bitter gourd is a vegetable bitter gourd used for summer heat and heat. Because of its name, it is also called cold melon.

Bitter gourd is also used to heat the summer vegetables.

Bitter gourd is rich in vitamin B, C, calcium, iron, etc., bitter gourd has the effect of “except evil heat, relieve fatigue, clear heart and eyesight, benefit Qi and strengthen yang”.

According to research, it has obvious effects of recessive blood sugar and has certain curative effect on diabetes.

Has a certain anti-viral ability and anti-cancer effect.

  Bitter melon green weight loss method spleen deficiency stomach cold people eat raw bitter gourd bitter gourd cooked food temperature, raw food cold, so spleen deficiency stomach cold substitute raw.

In addition, pregnant women should be careful.

The slim and slim secret value of the body is like a disease in the world today. From one country to another, from one person to another, “special effects” weight loss products are constantly appearing, but the pace of obesity has never stopped.

However, in Hanzhong of our province, some people eat and eat fat, the body is slim and slim, and the skin is smooth and delicate. Why?

What secret do they have?

  Bitter melon green weight loss method will eat 2-3 bitter gourd every day will be very slim and have reported this wonderful landscape, unveiled the mystery: they will eat 2-3 bitter gourd every day, so it is so slim.

At the time of the interview, the pilot Miss also tried to take a bite, and soon suffered a bitter pain. It seems that although the bitter gourd weight loss effect is surprisingly good, but it is really unbearable to eat a few roots every day.

Of course, there are exceptions. One of the aunts, surnamed Sun, ate five bitter melons in front of the camera. She said that she had a weight of 174 pounds, high blood pressure, diabetes, high blood fat, and arteriosclerosis. She was very painful and had a raw meal.Small bitter gourd, weight lost to 96 pounds, those diseases are all good.

  How to eat a few bitter gourd a day is not fat bitter gourd, it is bitter, the bitter taste can not swallow, but you know?

A bitter gourd contains 0.

4% expensive as gold weight loss special effects – high energy clear fat.

Eat a few bitter gourds a day, no matter how you eat, how to sleep will not gain weight.