There are a lot of baby care products, there are tips for buying

There are a lot of baby care products, there are tips for buying

Although the basic principles of formulas for infant care products are similar to adult products, there are special requirements in basic raw materials, preservatives, fragrances and colorants, which have extremely strict hygiene and safety exceeding adult products.

The main function is to clean the skin and protect the skin. There are far fewer types than adult products. The main categories are as follows:?

Baby shampoo, baby emollient oil, baby shower cream, baby shower milk, enzymes, baby soap, wipes, diaper cleaner, etc., the main function is cleaning.


Baby oil, baby cream, cream, lotion, lotion, baby powder, etc. The main function is to moisturize and protect the skin.

Special window: Enzyme: Enzyme is a natural substance, a nutrient required by people. It is weakly acidic, does not irritate the skin, can clean the skin and promote blood circulation.

However, due to the poor cleaning effect, babies are best to use, and larger babies are not suitable due to the amount of activity. Wet wipes: It is extremely effective to clean the baby’s stool and dirty hands and dirty faces, so that you can not wash and apply skin care too much.Products, especially when going out with your baby.

  Diaper cleaning agent: It is difficult for general cleaning agents to completely remove urine stains. Therefore, baby diapers, clothing and sheets should be washed with it, so that it can be washed without leaving irritating substances on the baby’s skin.
  Butt-care products: adding bactericidal and water-repellent agents to creams, creams or lotions can prevent diaper rash and protect chest skin.

It should be noted that the diaper cream in wash products is different from the diaper cream in medicines. The former function is to protect the back skin on a daily basis, and is mainly used to treat diaper rash.

  Baby sun lotion and baby sun care lotion: the former’s main function is to protect the baby’s skin from sunburn, and the other is an emulsion, which is usually used after skin sun exposure, which can reduce the sun’s damage to the skin, such as redness, allergiesWait.