Drink five kinds of health flower tea often to keep you tender and springy

Drink five kinds of health flower tea often to keep you tender and springy

Introduction: In the spring, all things resurrect birds and flowers, but people are prone to sleepiness.

At this time, you should drink a cup of strong fragrant, fragrant and refreshing scented tea, which can not only refresh your mind, clear your drowsiness, but also distribute the cold evil in the body and promote the growth of yang in the human body.

  Scented tea is also known as smoked tea, scented tea, and fragrant tablets, which are unique to tandem teas.

Scented tea is made by mixing refined tea blanks with fragrant flowers, and through a certain processing method, transforming the fragrant aroma of tea to absorb flowers.

Drinking flower tea is not a pleasure, and it can heal health.

  Especially girls and menstruating women and menopause should be included in the tea.


Rose tea is slightly warm and rich in vitamins. It has the effects of promoting blood circulation and regulating menstruation, relieving liver and qi, and balancing endocrine. It has a conditioning effect on the liver and stomach, and can eliminate fatigue and improve physical fitness, and at the same time early.

  In addition, it can effectively alleviate cardiovascular disease, and can beautify the skin, help to improve dry skin and remove dark spots on the skin.

  Usually take 6 to 10 dried roses, add them to a tea cup, and pour in hot water. You can add them at any time, or you can add two red dates to add a little sweetness and nourish qi and blood.


Dandelion tea Dandelion, also known as Dioscorea, according to the “Compendium of Materia Medica”, dandelion, bitter, sweet, cold; return to the liver, stomach classics; promote digestion, lactation, blood clearing, strong liver, diuretic, improve gallstones, constipation, youthAcne, chills, asthma.

Can clear heat and poison, eliminate food poisoning, and eliminate malignant swelling.

  Modern medical research shows that the dandelion plant body contains a variety of unique active ingredients for healthy nutrition, and is also rich in trace elements.

  Its calcium content is 2 of that of guava.

2 times, 3 for prickly pear.

2 times, the iron content is 4 times that of Prickly Pear, and more importantly, the selenium element Se, which has a strong physiological activity therein.

  In addition, dandelion is a natural diuretic and digestive holy product; it is rich in minerals, which can help prevent anemia caused by iron deficiency, and its large amount of potassium can also regulate water in the body together with sodiumSalt balance, normal heart rate; rich in yolks, can prevent cirrhosis and enhance liver and gallbladder function.

  Therefore, dandelion has very important nutritional value.


Jasmine tea Jasmine tea has the most mellow aroma among various kinds of herbal teas. It is the top grade of tea drinking in spring and has the effect of “removing cold evils and assisting depression”.

  In addition to drinking jasmine tea, it can stabilize the mood and invigorate the spleen and dampen the skin, relieve gastrointestinal discomfort and analgesic pain. It also helps women’s physiology and reproductive function, and can moisturize the skin, beauty, and relieve dysmenorrhea.


Honeysuckle tea Honeysuckle tea has a sweet and cold taste, has the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, evacuating wind and heat, and reducing swelling and pain.

  Because of the good behavior in spring, and easy to feel the evil, honeysuckle tea can relieve the common upper respiratory tract infections, influenza, tonsillitis, periodontitis and other complications in spring. It can also relieve pain and enteritis and help cool blood.Stop the flu, diuretic and liver.

  It should be noted that honeysuckle tea is suitable for taking when there are mild external symptoms, such as severe cold symptoms, and still need to take medication.


Chrysanthemum tea chrysanthemum has the effects of nourishing the liver and calming the liver and clearing the liver, and is particularly suitable for taking in spring.

  At the same time, it may be detoxification and fitness, dispel evil and reduce fire, evacuate wind and heat, relieve pharyngeal swelling, have resistance to harmful chemical or metabolic substances accumulated in the body, and eliminate effects.

  It can also inhibit a variety of germs, enhance microvascular elasticity, slow heart rate, lower blood pressure and plasma, and be beneficial to qi and blood, moisturize, and maintain the beauty of hair.