Be careful to avoid the misunderstanding of summer slimming


Be careful to avoid the misunderstanding of summer slimming

Misunderstanding 1: “Dressing thin and thin”?


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“But the slimmer in the store always has a way to convince you to accept it. After all — the figures on the weights have indeed been falling down!”

銆€銆€Q: Is there a need to have a “steaming” step in the process of slimming?

Will the weight that falls down be all water in the body?

銆€銆€A: The use of infrared light to heat the body, so that the blood vessels and lymphatic vessels are dilated, so that the body can eliminate a lot of waste and toxins, such a process is indeed necessary in the slimming treatment.

But usually the time should be controlled within half an hour, and in summer it is shorter.

銆€銆€If the whole slimming process (usually 1?
2 hours) are all “steaming” or repeatedly let you into the space warehouse, then be careful, most of your weight loss may be water!

銆€銆€Guests can judge the authenticity according to the following methods: slimming begins with 鈥渟teaming鈥?at the beginning, then you should feel your body sweating slightly and stop when the pores are all open; in the middle of the slimming process, 鈥渟team鈥?in the space capsule, then you should feelIt replaces oil and oily cockroaches instead of moisture.

銆€銆€Myth 2: “Speed Loss Speed”?

銆€銆€”One month thin 20?
30 pounds”, “three days can be light 6?”
8 pounds, “one time is effective, life is not fat” . I don’t know why, now the slimming ads are more and more exaggerated, but think carefully, if you are so fast, you can lose a few pounds, this world will haveDoes the fat man exist?

And all the fat people are “life-long not fat”, how is this slimming store still advertising in the second year?

銆€銆€Q: Is there any speed to lose weight?

How much weight is it reasonable?

銆€銆€A: Hypertension is chronic and long-term, but it is often mistaken for a temporary problem. It can be solved in a 鈥渙ne-stop鈥?situation through a few months of intense diet or other means.

銆€銆€Most overweight people know that weight control takes a lifetime of effort.

If you want to be safe and effective, any weight loss plan should be considered with a long-term perspective, otherwise it will waste money and effort in the end.

銆€銆€Myth 3: “Tired and slim”?

銆€銆€Xingchong went to the gym to buy a card, and then went to work after work every day to jump on an hour of exercise, the results of a few weeks down, the weight of one or two did not fall!

Doesn’t it mean that exercise is the best way to lose weight?

Why is it useless?

The worst thing is that because I can’t reduce it, I don’t want to exercise anymore. The result is fatter than the original.

銆€銆€Q: As long as you exercise, you can lose weight more or less?

銆€銆€A: The average person must continue the intensive exercise for 45 minutes before it begins to produce weight loss.

It is estimated that a woman can walk off a kilogram of aunt after taking 96 hours and 37 minutes at a speed of 5 kilometers per hour.

銆€銆€What’s more, after the first exercise, I often have a wide appetite and inadvertently eat more things.

If you want to lose weight, you must have regular, regular but not excessive exercise.

The ideal is to do an average of 3 hours of exercise per week, followed by an hour of exercise the next day.

銆€銆€Wrong way to lose weight.

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銆€銆€In fact, a large part of the secret of controlling diet is 鈥渜uantity鈥? If you want to eat 4 or 2 meals, change it to 2 or 2 now. If you want to eat a whole PIZZA, change it to a small one, so you can enjoy delicious.And will not absorb too much.

銆€銆€2, do not exercise to lose weight 脳 daily only to control the diet, limit the amount of food, do not exercise, will only reduce muscles, so that the body inhibits energy consumption.

銆€銆€With a proper amount of exercise, you can increase your basic metabolism and effectively reduce your body’s spasms.

銆€銆€3, halfway to lose weight 脳 reduce food intake and reduce weight, after about three or four weeks, the weight will be stagnant, this is a normal phenomenon, can not be discouraged.
銆€銆€If you don’t change your lifestyle, you can’t get long-term success with weight loss, and it’s easy to rebound. You should take your eyes and develop a habit of eating properly.

銆€銆€4, pay too much attention to weight 脳 must only value weight.

The important thing is, has the body decreased?
Pay attention to the method of sweating in the sauna. The weight loss is only the loss of water, which has nothing to do with the body.

銆€銆€Two people of the same weight may have different body shapes because of their different body structure and slight content. For example, A looks fatter than B, but maybe her weight is not heavy, which is entirely because of AThe reason why the adult content is greater than B.

銆€銆€5, hell type weight loss 脳 Do not extremely reduce calorie intake.

This will drag the body and cause anemia and other health damage.

銆€銆€It is a basic principle to develop a balanced diet and not to overeat.

銆€銆€6, too short-term weight loss 脳 short-term weight loss diet is not sustainable, but it will cause a reaction, leading to excessive eating.

銆€銆€鈭?Various kinds of information show that it is not advisable to lose more than 1 kg per week, which will cause excessive burden on the body.