[Pregnant eat gray banana]_ pregnant women _ harm

[Pregnant eat gray banana]_ pregnant women _ harm

Women during pregnancy take their health seriously. They don’t want to cause any problems in their baby due to their own reasons, so they pay attention to their daily lives, especially dietary problems. Banana is a common fruit.For pregnant women, it is better, but some pregnant women who eat gray bananas will be very worried about the baby’s impact, so will eating gray bananas have a bad effect?

First, nutritionists have recently pointed out that pregnant women should especially add bananas to their daily diet, because bananas are an excellent source of potassium and are rich in folic acid; while the storage of folic acid and folinic acid and vitamin b6 in the bodyThe key substance to ensure the normal development of the plasma neural tube and avoid severe brain and spina bifida deformities.

In addition, potassium still has the effect of lowering blood pressure and protecting the heart and vascular endothelium, which is very beneficial for pregnant women.

No wonder nutritionists warn that pregnant women are better off eating a banana every day.

Besides, what other magical role does banana have?

Second, banana’s main dietary and medical functions to treat depression. Banana can promote the brain to produce serotonin, which can improve mood, even relieve pain, and reduce hormones that cause people’s mood.

When depression or other people are in a bad mood, if they can eat some bananas, they can increase the concentration of serotonin in the brain, eliminate the level of pessimistic depression, and even make the bad mood disappear.

Gastric ulcer prevention banana contains an anti-ulcer compound, which can reduce gastric acid, ease the stimulation of gastric mucosa, and promote the growth of gastric mucosal cells, so it has a certain protective and therapeutic effect on gastric ulcer.

Lowering blood pressure and preventing strokes The glucose contained in bananas is mainly fructose, with low trace levels, plasma is almost equal to zero, and high levels of potassium ions, which can inhibit the rise in blood pressure caused by sodium ions and damage blood vessels, so high blood pressure and hypertensionEat bananas.

The proportion of people who regularly eat bananas and occasionally eat bananas has reduced the incidence of stroke23.


Third, the recommended recipe: banana mashed potatoes Ingredients: banana, potato, strawberry.

Seasoning: Honey.

Method: Peel bananas, mash them with a spoon, wash potatoes, peel them, transfer them to a rice cooker and steam them until they are soft.

Mix banana puree with mashed potatoes, place strawberries and drizzle with honey.

Efficacy: Potential folic acid in bananas and potatoes.

More intake of folic acid food in early pregnancy is helpful for fetal vascular and nerve development.

Fortunate pregnant grass remind: eat more fruit is not better, pregnant mothers eat more fruits easily lead to dystocia!

Generally fruits are rich in carbohydrates, water, cellulose and a small amount of protein, trace amounts, vitamins a, b, and minerals. However, the content of crude fiber and its special nutritional components are not as good as those of root and green leafy vegetables and contain vitamin b12.The amino acids are also not comprehensive.

The long-term dependence on fruits as the sole source of nutrition can cause excessive ills, such as anemia, especially for women.

Fourth, nutrition experts recommend that you eat a variety of foods and ingest different nutrients to achieve a balanced nutrition.

Pregnant women can’t take fruit as a staple food. They should choose fresh products slightly according to the season.

There are 1-3 fruits per meal, and the daily intake of vegetables is 400 grams, of which green leafy vegetables should account for 1/2.

In addition, pregnant women must jump out of the misunderstanding of eating too much fruit and eat one fruit after meals every day to ensure nutritional intake is enough.

Long-term clinical findings show that, in addition to prone to hyperlipidemia, pregnant women’s excessive consumption of fruits has a tendency to increase gestational diabetes.

Gestational diabetes refers to the abnormal glucose metabolism of some pregnant women during pregnancy, leading to an increase in blood sugar, which usually returns to normal within two months after delivery.

Most of its causes are due to improper diet, and excessive consumption of fruit is the biggest incentive.

If gestational diabetes is not controlled in time, it will first affect the health of the mother.
After 10 years, it can be transformed into type 2 diabetes, and it is also easy to cause pregnancy infections, miscarriages, premature births, stillbirths, and excessive amniotic fluid; second, it has serious harm to the growth and development of the child. Pregnant women with high blood sugar are likely to have a large body weight, resulting in difficult delivery and increasedDifficulties, the chance of postpartum bleeding.